Bill Belichick lays it on thick regarding Tom Brady

Whatever they may privately think or say, neither Bill Belichick nor Tom Brady will ever say anything publicly that would get the other guy even more riled up in advance of their first ever game against each other.

On Friday, Belichick laid it on thick.

Asked whether he’d have had the success he’s had without Brady, Belichick said, “Of course not.”

It got better, when Belichick was asked to explain how their partnership brought the team over the top.

“We could talk about that for two decades. I think I’ve been on the record, I don’t know, dozens of times saying there’s no quarterback I would rather have than Tom Brady. And I still feel that way. I was very lucky to have Tom as the quarterback for — to coach him. He was as good as any coach could ever ask for.”

That’s exactly what Belichick would say. What he should say. It’s accurate. Regardless of whether and to what extent the parting was mutual, they enjoyed a run of success that never will be duplicated, at least not in our lifetimes. Both of them need to realize it.

There’s no Belichick without Brady, and there’s no Brady without Belichick. And both needed to have a great group of other players who were talented and selfless and committed and motivated.