Indian zoo’s escaped leopard captured after 13-hour search

A leopard that escaped from its enclosure at a zoo in India was safely recaptured after a 13-hour search ended with the big cat being found on zoo property.

The town of Jhargram was put on alert Thursday evening when a female leopard was found to be missing from its enclosure at the Junglemahal Zoological Park.

Leopard footprints were found near the zoo after an overnight search of the surrounding area, and officials said the feline eventually was found in a wooded area on zoo premises.

The leopard was tranquilized about 1:30 p.m. Friday and returned to a secure area.

The leopard was brought to the zoo about three years ago, after it was captured following non-fatal attacks on six people in the Siliguri-Dooars region.

Forest minister Jyotipriyo Mallick said officials are considering having the animal moved from the zoo to a leopard sanctuary.